A Few Updates



Looking good! The sod has rooted and is doing well. It looks great and I’m still pretty excited about actually having grass in the back yard. Maybe some day Nate will let the dogs back out there, but in the mean time we’re still hooking them to their leads out in the front yard where we have yet to grow grass.

Crawl Space Door:


Finally complete! We replaced two rotted trim boards and the top two pieces of siding, then painted and viola! Sort of. Except for the part that after had it assembled we went to attach it to the frame and IT DIDN’T FIT. That was awesome. After some filing, shaving and repainting the foor now fits, closes, locks and it hanging right side up with the hinges on the inside.



Nest #1 has more eggs now. Yesterday it got egg number two and today egg number three appeared. According to my uncle, Joe, Nest #1 belongs to a House Swallow. According to my research Nest #2 belongs to a House Finch. I’m really glad House Swallow and House Finch have nests at the same time because my bird book said House Swallow will kill other bird babies to take over nests, which I really don’t approve of on my front porch. Not that they asked me. But this way House Swallow will be too busy to poach a nest and I’ll be able to post regular updates on both nests. Sometimes I can actually see House Finch sitting in the nest from my front window. Birds are fun! Just as long as they don’t crap on the porch.

New Nest:


Yesterday afternoon while I was out back I found a third nest. I have no idea if it’s occupied or how long it might have been there, and because of its location I’ll be mostly leaving it alone unless I get ambitious and decide to drag my ladder to the back yard so I can get a better look!

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