I Have Birds

Sort of.

More like I have nests. Two of them, one in each of my relatively new (1 month maybe) hanging plants. I googled what to do about watering and found a few things that said I can water around the edges just make sure I don’t directly water the nest, because I don’t want my flowers to die, but more than that, I don’t want these eggs to be abandoned! Now all I need are more bunny nests and my life will be complete!

I was going to post links to the old bunny posts, but apparently they were on the old site, before the server crashed and I lost pretty much everything. Bummer. Maybe I’ll post some pictures of the bunny nests later, but for those of you don’t know, in my last house I lived there from Nov. to July and during that time I had two bunny nests and one bird nest. It was procreation central in my yard apparently. Now I buy 2 hanging plants and within a month I have 2 bird nests.



Also, apparently two different types of birds because the eggs look completely different. I’ll have to try to find my bird book to see if I can figure out what they are.

4 thoughts on “I Have Birds

  1. “It was procreation central in my yard apparently.”

    I won’t even tell you what I used to do in your yard on late Saturday nights 🙂


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