Holy Hair, Batman!

Nate had to work late last night so I went over to my parents new house for dinner. My mom is doing a pretty good job of getting it unpacked and quickly! That being said she wanted me to look on her computer for pictures she took of how items were setup on the tables that used to be in the kitchen. She had the stuff on them, but it just didn’t seem right. (Apparently neurosis runs in the family. Love you, Mom!)

So anyways, while I was upstairs looking for pictures she took of the old setups I found this picture of me and Meg.

Β erinmeghair.png

According to the folder it was in, it was taken in March, 2005. Asside from massive roots and a strong desire to reach into the picture and brush my hair, Holy Cow I had some LONG hair! I can’t even remember it being that long.

So anyways, I think my hair looks fine short like it is now, but every time I see a picture of my long hair I want to grow it out again. And now I have a new goal!

2 thoughts on “Holy Hair, Batman!

  1. Wasn’t your hair roughly that long back in high school? For some reason I want to say that it was, but y’know that was 11-12 years ago so I don’t remember very well. Damn I feel old πŸ™‚


  2. It got pretty long in highschool but I don’t think it was ever that long. It was a long freakin time ago though. Thanks for making me feel old! πŸ˜‰


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