What a Let Down!

This morning when the alarm woke up I was actually kind of happy. I don’t mean I was excited the alarm was going off or anything, but I was happy in that “Thank God it’s Friday and tomorrow I get to sleep in” kind of way. Except that it’s not Friday, it’s Thursday, and I don’t actually get to sleep in tomorrow. Man is that disappointing.

 Something funny though.. I was at the vet this afternoon picking up cat chow and Layne’s meds and there was this older woman in there talking to the other receptionist. So while the girl I was talking to was looking into something for me, this older woman walked over to the other side of me, to the side with the complimentary hershey kisses. Then she started stuffing fist fulls of the kisses into her purse. I mean not even being sneaky about it. Blatantly filling her purse with them. Seriously, fistfulls.  

I avoided eye contact because that’s a kind of crazy I’m just not interested in, and the receptionists sat there politely pretending it wasn’t happening. Then she started talking to no one really about how it cost $100 for her cat today, that it was $50 alone for the vet to even look at her cat. That’s right, she was trying to make the $100 worth it by taking it out in hershey kisses. Once she decided she had enough of those she started shoving ziplocks of the dog treat samples into her purse. Dog treats. She has a cat. It was so weird.