My Calling

Do you ever wonder if you missed your calling? You know, your Life’s Purpose and all that good stuff? Do you actually know what your calling is, and if so, when did you know? Sometimes, I seriously think I missed my (professional) calling. Unfortunately I’ve never really been sure what that calling might be. 

On a personal level my life is good. I like my house, I love my husband, I tolerate love our 4 very bossy animals, and I’m lucky to have a great family that (wait for it) I also love.

But really, sometimes I think I missed my calling.

I just really have no freakin clue what that is.

This morning, (WARNING: Erin’s thought process ahead) I saw a trailor for a movie on a blog I read, and it led me to wikipedia to read more about the person, and after clicking 5 different links about 5 different people I started to wonder if maybe history wasn’t my calling. I could literally read all day about history. Some of my favorite classes in college were my ancient history, and Roman history classes. Then I started thinking if I ever won the lottery I would quit work and go back to school to get a major in history. And then I wondered what exactly one does with a major in history. And then I flashed back to the dream I had the other night about my first day at a new job. At Lowes. In the garden center. Weird, right?

So anyways, after all that, I do love my job, and I do love what I do, but sometimes I wonder if my love of the movie The Net* was really a good way to determine my future profession**.

*No, I am not kidding. Immediately after seeing that movie (at age 15-16ish) me and Meg came home and found online chat rooms and that’s where it all began.

**Life’s Purpose or not, knowing what I know now I would do it again in a heartbeat.

4 thoughts on “My Calling

  1. I have no idea what my calling is. I just try things out until I don’t like them any more. Hence why I keep going back to school. I think I may have gotten it right this time, but it’s too soon to tell!

    And man, I LOVED The Net!

    I think most people who have degrees in history probably teach. You could also find a niche working for a museum though, I’m sure.


  2. kimmykins13

    I was really interested in my humanities courses and western mythology when I was in college. I aced those classes because they captivated me. I had already decided to go into elementary education when I enrolled in them so I continued on with the education route but I should have changed my major. If I had, who knows? Maybe I would have been a museum curator. I would love to do something along those lines. As it stands I never did do anything with my degree because I don’t teach or work in a field even remotely related to education. Go figure – but I know so many people who never utilized what they actually went to school for.


  3. Yeah, working in a museum sounds fun. I actually took a 400 level history class for an elective while I was in school. It was ancient Roman history and very cool. My teacher used to tell us how over the summer he went to a dig site over there in the summer with a group of his students and I always thought that was just the coolest thing.


  4. Don’t feel bad about The Net leading you to your current profession. I believe Hackers is at least somewhat responsible for my computer-ness!


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