Shortest Weekend Ever!

I swear this weekend just flew by! I can hardly believe today was Monday already!

Saturday was the wedding shower. It went pretty well I think! The games were cute, the food was good, and the bride made out like a bandit with gifts. The shower started at 3 and probably ended around 6 and what with all the preparations and cleaning up it was almost like we skipped Saturday altogether!

I had tasked Nate with keeping the groom-to-be, Ted, and Jen’s husband, Mike, busy for the day since we were having the shower at Jen and Mike’s house and we wanted to be able to use Ted’s driveway for parking. Supposedly on their list of things to do for the day was “tattoos” but Nate was the only one to actually come home with any. He wound up getting 2 celtic knots, one on the front of each shoulder. I think they look pretty cool!

Then all of a sudden it was Sunday and we were totally lazy. We actually didn’t work on the house at all this weekend, which hasn’t happened in a while! Then Sunday evening we went to dinner with my parents and sister and gave my mom a karaoke machine (and music) for Mother’s Day. It was pretty cool! They’re actually moving into their new house this week so once they get settled I’m looking forward to some karaoke parties! WOOHOO!

And then it was Monday. Boo Monday!

On the fun side, Jenny made me over, check me out!

I think my hair has actually been that color before. And I wish it was that long again! I’m so impatient.

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