I’m SO glad it’s finally Friday and that means I get to sleep in tomorrow. Last night I actually made it through the night without waking up. I think it helps that we didn’t turn off the TV until.. umm.. I’m not even sure what time but I know it was WAY past my normal bedtime. It might have even been after 11pm. *gasp!* I know. The horrors!

Of course that means that the 6.5 hours of sleep I got last night will not be enough to keep me going this evening and I as I look deep into my very near future I see myself sleeping. On the sofa. At 9pm. Yeah, I like to live it up on the weekends!


Our first week of new sod is over tomorrow. I’d just like to say “thanks” to Mother Nature for pitching in and doing her part to help keep my water bill low this month. Now if it would just rain in the mornings every other morning for the next week or so I think the grass will continue on its merry way.

Speaking of sod I’ve been doing a lot of research (googling) to find out if there’s anything I can do to keep the dog pee from killing the grass and there are about 500 opinions now I just have to pick one that actually works. Or teach the dogs to only use the pinestraw. Or for good measure probably both.

2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. I’m no vet but if you feed your dog fertilizer then the dog pee would probably be good for your yard, right?

    PS. Check out Mama Drama tomorrow, chica.


  2. Suz

    Check with your Vet, I believe there are doggie treats out there that will balance the PH in the urine and keep the yard from turning brown.


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