Free Advertising

There are actually a lot of commercials out there right now that kind of, I love! I know, you’re not supposed to like commercials, but I just can’t help it!

1. Nextel – “Get me a bunny.” If only that really worked!
2. Cingular – “IDK my BFF Jill” just cracks me up!
3. Comcast – “I love cats” “That’s a dog” – heh, so cute in his little outfit!
4. Geico – “Sounds like someone got up on the wrong side of the rock.” I love all of the caveman commercials!
Completely unrelated – we’ve been letting the dogs out the front door instead of the back to use the bathroom while the sod gets itself rooted. They are definitely not quick learners! Every time we go near the backdoor they make a run for it like they’re going somewhere. Maybe they’ll catch on in time to start going back out back, but I bet it’ll just never happen. Poor stupid dogs!

7 thoughts on “Free Advertising

  1. Hahaha there must be something in the water. I had commercials on the brain tonight, too. 🙂

    There’s another one out there that makes me laugh. Its the Coors commercial where the mountains on the bottle turn blue when its cold. I tried to find it on YouTube but can’t for some reason.


  2. yeah, I like that cingular commercial with the little girl and her mom too. there was another one I liked where they were screaming at each other, but saying nice things instead of mean things, do you remember that one?


  3. Hehe I like the Bud Light commercial where the guy & his girlfriend are riding down the road, and he wants to pick up the hitchhiker because he’s got beer, and the girl keeps saying, “But he has an AXE!”


  4. Kimmy – Oh I like that one too! And the Bud Light commercial with Dale Earnhardt Jr being chased by scary desert guys and he stops the car and say “Just because there’s Bud on the car, doesn’t mean there’s Bud in the car!”

    Martha – I think all of those nascar commercials crack me up. The Allstate ones too. You see a lot of Nascar commercials when your husband is a fan.


  5. Rachel – Nate said Jimmy Johnson drives #48, and he’s a Jr. fan. I don’t know much about it except for the funny commercials. Pretty much I’ll cheer for anyone willing to be silly in a commercial.


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