Sod is Fun

We put in sod over the weekend. We wound up having just enough to do the back yard and it looks awesome! In the mean time we’ll be letting the dogs out front to use the bathroom until the sod starts to root. They’re really confused.

Since we only had enough sod to do the backyard we now have no idea what to do to the front. We’re definitely not tilling ourselves. (When I say “we” I mean “Nate” because he tilled the back yard, did a great job, and never wants to do it again!) So do we hire someone to till the front and put down more sod, or do we put down top soil, till it into the lawn and then seed? That’s what our neighbors did last fall and it looks great.

So many decisions!

We also have to try to teach the dogs to use the bathroom in the pinestraw in the back yard so they don’t kill the new grass. Of course that means we have to go out and get more pinestraw as it seems to wash away kind of quickly. The list of things to do seriously seems like it’s getting longer instead of shorter. That’s just wrong!

 In other home owning news, it looks like the HOA has finally decided to grow a backbone and actually start enforcing the rules in the “Protective Covenants”. So we got a notice listing things they see wrong with the neighborhood right now and that starting next week as they start continue their weekly inspections they’ll start sending notifications and then fines for things like yard maintenance and parking home owner cars on the street, etc.. So hopefuly we’ll see some improvement in the area soon!

3 thoughts on “Sod is Fun

  1. Ok, so our whole neighborhood is sodded and we were having (well, I should say STILL having) problems with the yellow spots on the lawn from dogs peeing. A neighbor claims that it is only female does that cause the yellowing of the grass (I can neither confirm nor deny this). I saw several different types of pills you can give them when we were at Petsmart that are supposed to do something to their pee to help with the yellowing issue. Anyway, sounds like you’re on to a better idea with the pine straw anyway.


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