More Dental Fun

I had another dentist appointment today to get 2 fillings. It was extra awesome.

You know that stuff they put on your gums before they give you the shot that REALLY numbs it? Well they didn’t get all the excess sucked out and I swallowed some of it. I do NOT recommend it. Seriously. After a couple of minutes my throat started to feel all strange and I couldn’t feel it when I swallowed which made it feel like I couldn’t swallow. I mean obviously I could or else I’d have been drooling all over myself by then, but it was NOT a good feeling.

So when the dentist came back I asked how long it lasted because it felt really strange and so he said it wouldn’t last too long and told me he’d rinse my mouth like that would help. So he squirted the water in my mouth and I started coughing because he had some seriously dead on aim. And of course there I was trying not to completely freak out at the dentist office because I know if there was actually something to worry about, they would be worried too, and they weren’t. I was just having a really hard time getting over the not being able to swallow thing and OH MY GOD why did it feel so weird to breathe?!

For a few minutes, in between the numb starting and the dental people coming back, I was seriously considering leaving because I didn’t think I could sit still in the chair and have my teeth drilled while I was in the middle of freaking out about being able to breathe.

By the end of the trip my throat was back to normal and I have to say, as far as dental visits go I’ll put this one at the top of my least favorite dentals visits EVER.

One thought on “More Dental Fun

  1. kimmykins13

    Sorry you had a hard time at the Dentist. I HATE going to the Dentist. I HATE just having my teeth cleaned, but I do it. I’m lucky that I have only had two cavitys my whole life and they were both when I was really young – hence only two fillings in my head. I remember them vividly though. Getting the novocaine shot sucked and I remember tears running down my face. I hope they have found better procedures for that then say 20 years ago. Other than those two cavitys/fillings I have never had to have anything else done to my mouth (well, braces but that doesn’t count). My BFF just had a root canal and she was in a lot of pain before she had it done and even with insurance it was expenisve. I keep my fingers crossed and knock wood that it doesn’t happen to me. I seem to have good strong teeth that I inherited from my Dad’s side of the family.

    Question? I am making the Chocolate Lover’s Cheespie for Mother’s Day. Where did you get and extra serving size graham cracker crust and what brand? I have looked in some of the grocery stores here but haven’t seen it. We have Kroger, Harris Teeter, Farm Fresh and Food Lion in VA.

    I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thanks


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