The Easy Way

On Friday we arrived at Lowes to pick up some sod for the back yard.

Only part of the back yard actually needs grass (part of it actually already has some!) and Nate measured and estimated it to be approx. 160sqft worth of area needing sod. Unfortunately at Lowes we were faced with a decision:

a) Do we load 160sqft worth of sod in 1-2sqft squares onto a cart, and then into the truck?
b) Do we call the local nursery and have 500sqft of sod delivered on a pallet?

After loading 8 squares onto the cart, we chose b. If we get 500sqft we’re pretty sure we can do atleast most of the front yard in addition to the area in the back. Initially we had plannedon seeding the front in the fall, but we figured if we could have the sod delivered that it would be worth it.

Now I’m kind of moving into “Holy Crap What Have We Done” mode because we (mostly me) wussed out when faced with loading 160sqft of sod onto a cart and into the truck, what is it going to be like tilling, rock removing, weed killing, raking and fertilizing 500sqft of lawn in preparation for putting the sod down not to mention the actual putting the sod down part? I mean I’m not exactly the “manual labor” type. I’m way to delicate and fragile (otherwise known as weak and out of shape) for this stuff! I’ll have to get as much work done as possible on Saturday without going to sleep because sleeping gives my body time to fully realize what I’ve been doing and by day two I am usually too sore to trick my body into cooperating anymore. I know, I know! Wuss.

So wish us luck! While I might not be looking forward to the work involved in getting the sod down, I’m very much looking forward to having grass covering the WHOLE YARD!

One thought on “The Easy Way

  1. oh man I cannot imagine all that work! my mom’s yard is invested with dandylions, and while I was there this weekend I spent about 2 hours on Saturday and then 2 1/2 hours on Sunday digging up those little bastards. holy cow did my body ACHE. I think I am also delicate & fragile!


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