Kitty Water Torture


We interrupt this (semi)regularly scheduled post to bring you breaking (and disgusting) news…

…guess who exploded in his crate because his body decided not to reject the steak until he was stuck in his crate for 9 hours straight!

…now guess who just spent 1.5 hours cleaning carpet, crate, and dogs! (If you guessed “Erin and Nate” that would be correct)

And now back to the (semi) regularly scheduled post.


Is it wrong to hold the cat down and squirt her in the eye with water in an attempt to avoid a $300 vet bill this week??

You know what the funny part is? I think it actually worked!

Yesterday Tili was all squinty in her right eye, and it was running like crazy.. I tried to wipe it a couple of times (which she loved) but that didn’t seem to help. It got so bad that I couldn’t even look at her without my eye watering! So Nate jokingly suggested I should hold her down and he would squirt her in the eye. I was thinking “yeah right” but after a few more minutes of watching her I changed my mind.

So I pinned her down and held her eye open while Nate (gently) squirted water in her eye. Then I gave her like 2 dozen treats.

When she finally decided to grace us with her presence again (like 20 minutes later) she looked fine. No more squinting!

She still seemed fine this morning so I’ll keep an eye on her this week and hopefully whatever was bothering her was rinsed out by the water.

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