Steak Bandits

The scene: Kitchen.

The problem: There’s a ziplock bag with a hole in it on the floor in the middle of the room.

Missing: 2 steaks thawing to be grilled for dinner.

The culprits: 2 very guilty looking dogs.

Nate sat that steaks out in the kitchen sink to thaw so that we could grill them for dinner. Apparently someone can reach into the sink to pull stuff out. I have a feeling that someone was not Gouda what with his squatty little legs. I just never would have thought they could reach INTO the sink to grab the bag! I guess never underestimate the determination of a dog who wants some steak. Some raw steak. Gross.

They’ve since been banished to the back yard since I would imagine the RAW STEAK will not digest easily and might come back quickly and suddenly and unexpectedly, and we would just rather that didn’t happen on the carpet or in the house in general.

4 thoughts on “Steak Bandits

  1. rachel

    It’s actually easier for dogs to digest raw meat, allegedly. However, I have noticed that my little spoiled baby’s tummy seems to have acclimated to dry food, so it tends to make her a little sick. Best of luck.


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