The Crawlspace

So here is a picture of the door to my crawl space which is currently used to store nothing because of how ridiculously unsecure it is. I mean I live in a nice neighborhood and I don’t see people going through the trouble of breakin in to steal anything, but I would rather it be locked all the same.

Here is the crawl space door. See if you can’t find the 3 things that are wrong with it.


1. It’s upside down. Check out the siding, it’s going the wrong way!
2. Shouldn’t those hinges be on the inside? You know, so you can’t just unscrew them and take the door off?
3. Similar to number 2, the lock part was put on wrong.. The screws on that part shouldn’t be visible either.

I suppose given the rest of the house we shouldn’t be surprised.. but really. To get EVERYTHING about puting the door on wrong? That’s just sad. And that’s also not including the half inch gap between the top of the door frame an the door itself.

One thought on “The Crawlspace

  1. A friend of mine recently had her lawnmower stolen from her crawl space. She doesn’t have a shed or anything so it’s the only place she could put it. The thief simply removed the screws holding the hinges for the lock. It probably took the thief three minutes to take it.


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