Deja Vu

I called the police to pick up the neighbor’s dog. Again.

Yes, I thought they moved out too. According to Nate, who was home today taking comp time, he saw them back at the house today moving some more stuff out. Later on he saw their little black and brown dog running around. No one was home and the tether out back was too tangled to clip her out to it, so he just kept an eye on her for a while in case maybe they came back.

When I got home from work they were still not back and the dog was still running around, so I called the police to come pick her up. She is such a sweet dog! I just can’t stand that her people are so irresponsible. I also wondered what happened to the other dog, the bull terrier. I started to wonder even if they kept the pure bred and ditched the poor mutt, but alas, that was not the case. When the officer showed up to pick the dog up she told me she had already picked the bull terrier up this morning. Someone else had called and reported them but when she came around the first time she could only find the little boy. So atleast they’ll get to be together now!

In happier dog news my mom came with me tonight to take the dogs for a walk around the greenway. It was really a nice walk. Good weather, nice area, and no one else was out there I guess maybe everyone was having dinner, but it was nice. There was also a nice pond back there and I thought Gouda was going to explode he wanted to get in it soooooo badly! Maybe another time when I’m prepared to come home and clean him off, but tonight was not that night.

One thought on “Deja Vu

  1. I hope the police keep the dogs and refuse to give them back. Isn’t there some type of “3 strikes and you’re out” law that applies to pet owners also? There should be…


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