the Tudors

Ok, so I mentioned before that I was going to start watching the Tudors. After the first episode I thought it was alright. Not great like some of the shows out there, but not bad. Now I’m on the 5th show and while I still would say it’s “good” and not necessarily “great” I can’t seem to stop watching. Go figure.

I also can’t find Big Love on demand right now, so that’s disappointing, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find something to keep me occupied. I mean those cabinets aren’t going to paint themselves now, are they?? 

2 thoughts on “the Tudors

  1. kimmykins13

    I really want to start watching Big Love too. I have heard so much about it and everyone seems to love it. I don’t get the channel though. I’ll probably start buying it when it come out on DVD.


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