Party Time

Is it wrong to throw a party when people on your street are moving out?

That’s right. Today when I was outside working in the lawn, the moving van pulled up. It was pretty awesome. What’s even better? Someone is finally mowing their lawn! WOOT!

In other random news, it turns out they did get the dogs back, but atleast now they’re moving so hope the owner will find some renters that will actually take care of the house instead of letting it run down, and then maybe the poor people next door to them will finally sell their house.


3 thoughts on “Party Time

  1. At least that’s generally one good reason to have a homeowner’s association. The rules kinda seem stupid sometimes, but at least it keeps things in order and gives you all a leg to stand on when someone starts collecting refrigerators in their yard. Bad neighbors can really ruin the whole buying a house experience. So, yay — they’re moving!!


  2. Dave – I wish I could take a picture of all their ghettoness, but they’re gone, and fortunately they took all of their crap with them!


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