Don’t You Just Love It

….When you wake up in the middle of the night and you realize it’s Saturday and MAN does that feel good because that means you get to sleep in. I love that feeling. What I don’t love is when you have that feeling only to have the alarm go off and realize that it is not actually Saturday. It’s Friday. Yeah, don’t love that.

 You know what else I don’t so much love? Those stupid signs telling you there is a “New Traffic Pattern” near my house. Here’s house it works… “New Traffic Pattern Ahead”…. 50 feet….”New Traffic Pattern Ahead”….50 more feet….cones in left lane….”Merge Right”. Seriously. Like they couldn’t put the “Merge Right” sign first? Instead you get to drive for 100 feet or so wondering which lane to get into only to see cones in front of you and THEN see the sign attached to the cones that says which way to go. Idiots.

So the good news is.. this time if I wake up in the middle of the night it really will be Saturday and I can go back to sleep happy!

2 thoughts on “Don’t You Just Love It

  1. rachel

    agreed! just put the fing merge right sign and I’ll merge right! dont ‘make me guess!!

    do you have dead like me on dvd, or waht?


  2. I have a problem keeping the days straight. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten ahead in the week. For example, I’ll be thinking it’s Thursday, then the overwhelming feeling of depression hits when I realize it’s only Wednesday. I do that pretty much every week. You’d think I would learn.


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