I *Heart* TV

In response to Diane’s TV show suggestion… 

I have seen Dead Like Me (LOVE) although I (still, like 2 yers later) haven’t finished the second season. I’m waiting until the regular show season ends so that I can watch them with Nate.

Six Feet Under – never seen it
Lost – I don’t watch and am not sure I could get into it, for many reasons
The 4400 – I always wanted to see it
Firefly – same (isn’t there only one season and then the movie, or am I thinking of another show?)
Bullshit – tht’s on Showtime right? We DVR it but have yet to catch up with it
Weeds – yeah, I do want to see that
Big Love – same, is that still in its first season will I have to rent the first season and start watching on demand?

I also still need to watch the rest of Sleeper Cell on Demand (Showtime). That show is GOOD. First season was awesome, second season not quite as good but still really freakin good. It’s very intense in a 24 kind of way.

I still have like 1.5 seasons left of Remington Steele (I know. Loser.), so that’s something to fall back on, I also have been meaning to start watching Tudors, but since that’s new that wouldn’t take long for me to catch up on.

And just so no one feels too badly about the amount of TV they watch, here’s my regular lineup. (Mostly I DVR and watch later.)

24 – LOVE
30 Rock – Love
Bones – Love
Desperate Housewives – Like
ER – Like
Grey’s Anatomy – Love
House – LOVE
My Name is Earl – LOVE
Medium – LOVE
Nip/Tuck – LOVE
Prison Break – Love
Scrubs – Love
the Closer – LOVE
the Office – LOVE
the Soup – LOVE
Three Sheets – LOVE (If you have those HD channels I highly recommend. Seriously awesome show.)
And at any given time I could be happily watching reruns of any of the 3 Law and Orders.

It’s really a wonder I’m ever able to leave the house.

Oh my god, someone help me. I need a LIFE!

6 thoughts on “I *Heart* TV

  1. some day I’ll get DVR. Someday. I can’t do The Closer. It’s her voice! Ugh! The accent! The commercials drive me freaking insane. I bet I can get a ‘hell yeah’ from Dave on this one!


  2. Six feet under is an amazing show I always watch the reruns of it. One of the best shows and the best last episode of a show I have ever seen.
    Lost is awesome. rent it if you are bored this summer.

    Oh and Big Love season 2 starts in June.


  3. Tuesday – oh good! I’ll look for Big Love on demand then! I started watching Tudors last night, but I’m not sure I’m really impressed. I’ll keep watching just in case I change my mind though. 🙂


  4. Yes, Firefly is one season and a movie. I haven’t seen either, but David loves them both. Six Feet Under is a must! I think the earlier seasons were better than the end, but overall it’s one of my favorite shows of all time.


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