Recently I decided to start over with the music on my iPod. Start over as in remove ALLLLLL songs from it and then pick new songs etc.

So I did it. I removed all of the songs, updated the iPod and then tried to put songs back on.. only every time it tried to sync nothing happened. Except that my entire computer froze and I had to restart. (This was with my old laptop.)

So I waited, and got a new laptop and FINALLY I was able to put new songs onto my iPod again (and I had to update again).

The point of this story? There was supposed to be a point? Are you sure?

Ha.. Yeah.

So the point of all of this was just that I didn’t know how much I had missed my iPod until I was sitting at work, listening to Johnny Cash sing Hurt and DAMN does he sound good. Also I had forgotten how much I love that song. Love. Seriously there just aren’t words.

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