Too Much Spare Time?

Did I mention I finally finished all 9 seasons of the X-Files on DVD which means that I now have nothing to do in the evenings while Nate is in school? (Besides, of course, watching them again, or maybe getting a real hobby)

So on my first night off I did this:


Chocolate lover’s cheesepie. YUM.

Today, I did this:


and this:


Because the old rug grippie thing was too small and kept getting folded up under the front rug, so I got a new one and.. well.. I had to do something with the old one.. right??

Yeah, so hopefully I’ll come up with something soon, because otherwise I’ll wind up with more desserts than I know what to do with, and two dogs that are too humiliated to come near me any more.

3 thoughts on “Too Much Spare Time?

  1. That pie looks gooood.

    You could start a new season of something. Hmmm…I know you already watch Nip/Tuck. How about Six Feet Under? that’s my favorite show and I’m not re-watching the seasons.

    Dead Like Me
    Carnivale (so good!)
    Lost (if you aren’t already watching…)
    The 4400
    Big Love

    Ok, that’s all I’ve got right now. I watch too much TV.


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