I am an Idiot (Part 352)

Yeah. Idiot. That’s right.

So Nate and I sometimes buy meat at Sam’s Club and then freeze it. So last time we were there, we bought chicken. A lot of chicken. I divided the chicken breasts into pairs, bagged then and then stuck them on a shelf/cubby in the freezer. In total there were 5 baggies of chicken on the same shelf. And apparently things that freeze expand? Since when? Seriously.. I thought things shrank when they got cold, kind of like my fingers in the winter when all of my rings get loose.

So anyways. I was flipping through the recipe cards to pick out dinner for the week and the I went to the freezer to pull the meat in the fridge to thaw. Only the chicken wouldn’t come out. It wouldn’t budge. The more I pulled the more the baggies stretched. It was not good.

I called Nate and he came over and started pulling. No go. So I tried pouring warm water over them to thaw whatever was stuck. You know what happened? Nothing. Except Nate had to get a towel to mop up my stupidity.

Next I got a hair dryer and I blow dried them while he wedged at them with a spatula. He started carving away little bits and pieces at a time. I considered taking a picture but I don’t think he was really in the mood for picures. I mean after all, he spent his morning drugged and having work done on his teeth. And I mean he was SO drugged. It was cute.

So FINALLY he pried the chicken out.

Lesson learned.

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