Hypochondriac Much?

Generally I like to think of myself as a person who is able to “tough it out” when they get sick. I don’t like to complain, and I don’t want other people to worry about me. I make fun of people at work who go home with a sniffle because seriously? You can’t handle a little headache and stuffy nose and continue working? REALLY?? Growing up me and my sister had to be on death’s door to stay home from school sick, and I really think I’m a better person for it.

On the other hand I’m a complete alarmist. About everything. But because I hate the attention for being sick, I keep most of it to myself. Like last year when my migraines were diagnosed the doctor signed me up to have my brain scanned, which apparently is typical procedure. Except for the part where OH MY GOD MY BRAIN! And while I was telling people “it’s normal I’m fine” I was really thinking “THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY BRIAN!” There wasn’t. The scan was normal.

So Monday evening after work I did not feel well at all. I felt nauseous, weak, and my chest felt sort of tight. Mostly I shrugged it off. I said I didn’t feel well but was sure that I just needed to sleep and then I would be fine. And on Tuesday I woke up and felt fine. Then as the day went on I started to feel bad again. My chest felt tight, like there was pressure on it, nausea came and went and I started wondering if I was sick because I’ve never had the chest issues before. Then I started wondering if I should go to the doctor because what would cause pressure like that? Then I went to WebMD to self diagnose, which I totally recommend now.

The search came up with 14 different possible diagnoses. They ranged from Heart Attack, Blot Clot, Call 911 you’re going to DIE, to lesser things like fibromyalgia and anxiety. Of course heart disease runs in my family so after seeing the list I was positive there was something wrong with my heart, even though my pulse was completely normal (72 beats per minute. I took it like 5 times during the day).

After reading the symptoms for all of them, guess which one I had!


Why? Who knows. My guess would be because I flipped the calendar page and was reminded of my dentist appointment. The seriously dreaded dental appointment, although it has never been so dreaded that I’ve experienced such major anxiety.

The symptoms continued on and off throughout the day yesterday and then this morning I had the appointment where I spent 1 hour on the chair with my mouth opened and fingers clenched. I’ve been fine since. I have to go back next month to have a couple of spots patched before the become cavities, but otherwise I’m good!


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