So How Did You Spend Your Morning?

So it was just after 10 and I was sitting at work this morning, working (duh), and my phone rang.

Not entirely abnormal. I mean I do get calls from time to time, but normally it’s someone I know and the number shows up on the callerid. This time the callerid said nothing (literally, it didn’t say anything) and when I answered the person hung up.


Five minutes later it rang again. Again, there was no callerid and again, I answered. Still nothing. Only this time instead of hanging up, the caller just didn’t say anything. I waited a little bit with silence just in case it was a recorded message or something and then I hung up. Briefly I wondered if someone was calling me and their phone wasn’t working and that’s why I couldn’t hear them.

Ten minutes later it rang again. Again, there was no callerid and again, I answered. This time a recorded message came on. It happened pretty quickly so I can’t remember the exact words but, to sum it up, I was being called by an inmate who had calling privileges.

I hung up.

Not before letting out a little screech.

I mean no sooner had the recording said “inmate with calling privileges,” but I freaked out a little and then I hung up the phone because HOLY SHIT PEOPLE! I don’t know any inmates and I’m guessing it was a wrong number, or a creepy inmate calling random numbers hoping to talk to someone, anyone. I mean I have a pretty vivid imagination so the possible reasons an inmate would happen to call my office number are pretty infinite.

And then I had another thought. What if someone I know was arrested and needs to be bailed out. Would that qualify as an inmate with calling privileges? Not that many people know my work number though, so I called the first person I thought of.

My sister.

You’re welcome Meg!

And then for good measure I called Nate, because what if that was his “one call” and I hung up before he could tell me anything!

And that’s where my story ended. The first time. I had a good laugh, I typed this up and then I went about my morning.

By now it was 10:40.

Then the phone rang. AGAIN. Being a glutton for punishment and firmly believing that the person calling would NOT be the inmate again, I answered the phone. And it was not the inmate. It was another hangup. Awesome. So I rolled my eyes because SERIOUSLY like it was really an inmate calling again? BACK TO WORK!

Then it was 11am. The phone rang. AGAIN and again it was no callerid and again I answered because now I was getting annoyed. STOP HANGING UP ON ME. Or stop calling me. Or atleast let me listen to the whole message in case it is someone I know that needs to be bailed out of jail. And it was the recoded message again. This time I retained a little bit more from it. Enough to know that it was a recorded message from a corrections facility made by an inmate with calling privileges. I was informed that the charges would be paid by the inmate then it ticked and something about a long distance carrier maybe and would I like to accept the charges? And umm.. NO I would NOT like to accept the charges! So I picked the number for “NO” and hungup.

11:01. THE PHONE RANG AGAIN. This time I noticed one of the options on the screen was “To Voicemail” so I hit that button and the recording left a message. The only part of the message I got to listen to was the part about do I accept the charges (which obviously I do not), and then the LAST OPTION on the menu was what to press to block all further calls. So now I’m waiting for the REALLY ANNOYING inmate to call back so I can block all further calls.

Being that it’s 11:15 now a thought came to mind about.. isn’t there some phone thing that people can dial into corporate phone systems and somehow access a menu and make long distance calls from that system? Or am I making that up? Maybe the inmate was just waiting for me to send them to the menu so they can make really expensive long distance phone calls from my office phone, which.. not cool. So I’m going to give them a little longer to call back and be blocked and then I’m going to call the telecom department to see if they can trace the number or put a block on it or give me a new phone number. Any of those things would be fine.

2 thoughts on “So How Did You Spend Your Morning?

  1. Inmates used to call the dorms all the time when I was in college. I’m not sure what they thought they were going to accomplish, but it happened to me and a lot of other girls on my hall.

    As far as people calling and being able to make long distance calls through your work number, it can happen. Someone was doing that when I worked at a public library. They would ask to be transfered to a certain extension, which we would do without even thinking about it because we got those calls all the time. They had somehow figured out a way to make long distance calls through the library to another country! They ended up running up very costly bills.


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