Shoes and Tattoos

Ok, Dave made me feel bad! I didn’t mean to let anyone down, so here is my shoe collection. Or most of it. See that purple bin at the end of the shoes? That contains my “winter shoes” like boots.. and then if you actually go to flickr you can see my “flip flop basket” that sits downstairs with even more shoes. I like shoes. A lot.

And here is my tattoo, to go along with my “outing” on Min’s post over at Mama Drama.

It’s a celtic love knot, there is no beginning and no end. It’s on a necklace my grandma gave me and I always really like it. So I got a tattoo.

Someday I’ll get more. As soon as I figure out what to get and where to put it.

4 thoughts on “Shoes and Tattoos

  1. Oh!!! *squeal of delight*. It is so beautiful!!! The artist was very very good. I think that is the most elegant tat I’ve ever seen! Thanks for putting it up!


  2. I flew over from Min’s place to check out your tatoo. It is beautiful. The one I posted isn’t real, but don’t tell her. She thinks my tatoo is real but that my ankle is fake. Love the closet. My name is really Swampwitch but this weekend, I’m SwampBunny


  3. You are related to my sisters with all those shoes you have!!

    Oh, and I LOVE the Celtic knot!! I don’t have that tatoo, but my husband and I do have those on our wedding rings.


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