Finished Product

And here’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Pictures of the closet! (More on flickr. Duh.)

I had hoped to wait until we had all shelves in, but we ran into a minor problem with one of the shelves on Nate’s side, where it doesn’t quite fit, and there is still one more shelf to cut and paint for the front section, but this is close though! I think you get the picture.

Also – here comes the cold freakin weather. On my “to do” list for the week was to swap out all of my sweaters and long sleeved shirts with the spring and summer clothes I have packed away under my bed. Apparently Mother Nature caught sight of my ridiculously pale legs last weekend and decided she wasn’t ready for me to wear shorts either.

So weather be damned, I’m still going to be getting all of my spring clothes out! I just might not be packing away all of my sweaters just yet. Stupid coldness!

6 thoughts on “Finished Product

  1. Look at that nice neat closet!! All of the nicely folded items stacked. And it looks like you’ve got the shirts grouped by sleeve length (or lack thereof). Man you are organized! So jealous…


  2. that’s not all Dave said! we were chatting and he made a comment that just made me laugh: holy hell they have a huge closet at erin’s house


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