(Almost) All Done

Since some of you have been kind enough to humor me and ask about the closet.

It’s finished! Mostly! It’s almost all in there, just a few extra shelves need another coat or two of paint and then they’ll be in and then it will be done. Once those shelves are done (probably tomorrow) I’ll take pictures because it turned out pretty freakin cool.

And I did correctly predict the much cussing, sweating and measuring (and remeasuring) that was involved. I’m SO happy with the results. Nate and my dad did an awesome job. I didn’t do much actual building, mostly I patched wholes, painted shelves, etc.. and while they were working on the structure I trimmed bushes (WAY DOWN), weeded the yard (for as long as I could take it without wanting to set it on fire and start over) and picked up rocks in the back yard in preparation for the sod we hope to someday put down as, generally speaking, growing grass is not something we do well.

Nate’s mom and her husband are coming into town this weekend so I’ve made a VERY LONG LIST of things that need to be done. Things like deep cleaning every surface, washing all pet beds, blankets, and towels that have ever had any contact with pets, grocery shopping and BAKING because somebody (Nate) is having a birthday this weekend! That also means I have to make a last minute trip to the mall and figure out what I’m going to get him. I told him the air compressor we bought to do the closet shelves was his gift, but as far as birthday gifts go I think air compressors are kind of lame so I’m going to go out and see if I can find anything else that would be less lame.

So anyways, there is much to be done! I think for the most part I keep a pretty clean house, as I try to clean every week and do what I can to prevent the pet fur from taking over and what-not but there’s only so much you can do and I’d hate for them to think we live in a constant state of clutter and pet fur (which we do, but shhh)!

6 thoughts on “(Almost) All Done

  1. I was interested in the closet! I was awaiting pictures of the completed project. Your new closet at least inspired me to clean mine out this weekend. I can now walk into it again. 🙂


  2. I’m really excited to see the pictures! All of this makes me wish I lived in a place of my own where I could make a kick-ass closet. Stupid apartment. Happy Birthday to Nate (early). Now, if that were my brother, he would be totally stoked that he got an air compressor for his birthday. He’s one of those guys that is so happy with tools. The more the better!


  3. also, I can relate because I am going out of town on friday and someone is coming to feed the cats, so I feel like I need to keep up tidy appearances even though in real life my place is never tidy unless trevor cleans it up.


  4. Yeah, maybe and air compressor is not really lame, but I prefer to give gifts that weren’t purchased when the recipient is with me! 🙂

    Martha – his birthday is Friday!

    Di – Meg just had her closet done by my dad too. She lives in the same style house as you, but I haven’t seen the finished product yet.


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