It’s Closet Time

That’s right people, this weekend we’re upgrading the closet. What does that mean?

There will be much measuring, much swearing, much remeasuring, much more swearing, much sweating, and possibly even a little cowering in the corner (by the dogs, they’re afraid of the much swearing).

Last night we emptied the closet, took down shelves, and put my little dresser somewhere else so that this morning at 9am we’ll be ready to get right into it! And when I say “we” I mean “Nate and my dad” because let’s face it.. I’m easily distracted and as soon as my dad catches me not paying attention he’ll fire me. So I think I’ll do what I can to help, but pretty much I think mostly that will mean staying out of the way, and keeping the dogs and cats out of the way, and occasionally holding stuff in place while it’s being secured to the wall or something. We’ll see!

Then when they’re done with the actual assembly of the closet I’ll go back through it and patch holes and touch up paint and then maybe on Sunday it will be ready for all of our stuff to move into. Yay new closet!

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