Irrational Fears

(otherwise known as milking the worm story for all its worth) 

So last night Nate and I had dinner with friends. After we finished eating, I was relating the horror that was the dead-worm-snake story and explaining to them how ridiculously much I HATE worms and how my mom almost touched it (with her BARE HANDS) and how much it freaked me out, made me ill etc etc.. and everyone was kind of surprised. Surprised at the level of my hate for worms. Jen actually said to me “didn’t you used to play with worms when you were little?” Which surprised me, because no, I didn’t play with worms when I was little (seriously, did you guys play with worms when you were little?). I’m pretty sure I hated them back then too.

Then of course the guys at the table (my husband excluded because he’s smarter than that and he values his life), got that evil look in their eyes like “Really? You’re scared of worms? We could have so much fun with this.” And I tried to explain to them the gravity of the situation. How I seriously have a very real and very strong fear of worms (and fish). Why? Who knows. Is it a rational fear? Absolutely not. Is it completely ridiculous? You betcha. Unfortunately even knowing all that, that doesn’t make it any less real, or scary, or nauseating.

So… do you guys have any completely ridiculous and wildly irrational fears that you’d like to share? 

Also, Rachel, could you please explain to me what a worm farm is??

2 thoughts on “Irrational Fears

  1. kimmykins13

    My irrational fear is that my house will burn down after I leave each morning – so I check to make sure the curling iron is unplugged like 5 times before I go. Even though by the second time I have checked it I know good and well that it is unplugged, I still go back 2 to 3 times. Also I am really obsessive compulsive about the cat geting out – Even though I could leave the door wide open and she would never even entertain the idea of venturing out. I have done this before (bringing groceries in) and she could care less. She’s strictly indoors and has been for the 10 years she has been alive. She knows she has good thing going on. Nevertheless, I have to make sure I know where she is before I leave the house.


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