There is a Dead Slimey Worm Thing in my Garage


That’s what I said to my mom when she came over a few minutes ago to borrow a metal file.

I saw it when I walked out to meet mom. It was gray, slimey looking, and definitely dead. Now there are some things I can handle and some things I can’t. Things I can handle? Dead rodents, dead lizards, spiders, random other bugs. Things I can’t handle? Centipedes, milipedes, misc. other bugs that crunch, and worms. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that I hate worms atleast as much as I hate fish.


So there it was, dead on the garage floor and Nate was in class and wouldn’t be home for 45 minutes but I couldn’t just leave it because the cats would go out and play with it and GROSS it’s a DEAD WORM on the garage floor and the cats would think it was FUN. EWWW.

I tried to push it out of the garage by wrapping a paper towel around a long metal file, but I only got one push in before I totally grossed myself out and couldn’t handle it as in couldn’t be within like 3 feet of it. Wuss.

So mom came over and I showed it to her and she leaned over and kicked it, and said “it looks like a shoe lace” and then I freaked out because it was SO OBVIOUSLY NOT A SHOE LACE OH MY GOD DON’T TOUCH THE DEAD WORM. So mom pulled a plastic bag out of the big bag of plastic bags (that are waiting to go into that grocery store bag recycle thingie) and said “avert your eyes,” which I did immediatley because EWW. When she got back from the trash can she said it wasn’t a worm, it was a snake. A tiny snake. A tiny very dead and slimy looking snake.

Ok, so maybe a dead worm in the garage did seem a little strange and why was it limp and slimy instead of dry and crunchy like dead worms get, but who am I to question the squishiness of dead stuff?

Anyways. Normally I don’t mind snakes.

No, really. I don’t mind snakes. I even touched a giant python at Busch Gardens once (maybe I’ll even post the picture if I can remember to get it from Jennifer to scan). So snakes, I can handle snakes and had I recognized it as a snake I’m confident I could have disposed of it on my own instead of having to rely on my mommy.

Yes, I am a wuss. You have a problem with that?!

4 thoughts on “There is a Dead Slimey Worm Thing in my Garage

  1. I love this quote: “who am I to question the squishiness of dead stuff?” That will have me laughing for the rest of the evening. 🙂


  2. kimmykins13

    I am just the opposite. Spiders and worms and bugs don’t bother me a bit. Not that I like them or anything but I will just stomp them with my foot (shoe on of course) and they are history. I try to avoid doing that to spiders though because they eat the bugs. So I try to shew them out or get them on newspaper or a fly swatter and throw them outside.

    A snake on the other will freak me the $%*K out. I cannot deal with a snake. Any snake, poisonous or non – Boa Constrictor or Garden. I am deathly afraid of them.


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