Erin vs UPS (Again)

That’s right. My favorite shipping company is once again, the bane of my existence.

On Wednesday I ordered a laptop through a sale my company was having. Getting that ordered was a story in itself, but definitely too boring to get into right now. Unlike my UPS story. So different.

Anyways, I believe I’ve mentioned my dislike of UPS before, but it keeps getting better.

Today, they tried to deliver my laptop. While I was at work. Of course, it requires a signature, in person. So I was thinking “will-call disaster” all over again but what could I do? So I called, and asked that the package be put on will-call. She asked when I wanted to pick it up and I said Saturday. She said they’re not open Saturday, which was news to me since when I had to pick up a package from them back in December I had to go in on a Saturday. But whatever. After that she informed me that actually, my package could not be put on will call at all.

Umm.. why not?

So she checked.

Apparently the shipper designated that the package could not be put on will call, could not have the destination address changed, or any of the other semi-helpful things that UPS actually allows. So I have to be home to sign for it.

So tomorrow I’m going to work from home until the laptop is delivered. Believe it or not I’m actually pretty bummed about that because an application that I developed launched today and I would like to be around to answer questions or fix things, should anything come up since (don’t get me started) I’m still waiting to be able to access it remotely.

So once again, a package is shipped to me via UPS, and I have problems actually collecting said package.

Anyways, I’m done complaining. For now.

5 thoughts on “Erin vs UPS (Again)

  1. That’s why we ended up getting a PO box. That way the people at the PO Box place can sign for our packages and we can just pick them up when we need to. So worth it.


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