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Gravy Dave brought up a good point in his comment about my car being parked in the yard. The answer is yes, we do have a home owners association. That being said I am 100% not worried about even receiving a warning about the car much less being fined or have any action taken against me. That is because our home owners association seems to be made up of a group of ridiculously apathetic people. When we moved in we received a big fat envelope full of rules and ordinances from the home owners association outlining what we could do, could not do, and required permission to do.

Since then we have cut down 4 trees in our front yard (major landscaping without permission is a no-no) and never received a notice. Our neighbors literally park their car in their yard on a daily basis. Without fail. Our neighbors on the otherside leave their trashcan at the street for 2-3 days past trash day and several papers at a time in their yard (also a no-no). Their neighbors (confiscated dog people, who btw, I haven’t seen/heard their dogs since), have a stroller on their driveway along with one of those child size barbie jeep things, their recycle bin, a hose, their town trashcan (which I have no problem with in itself, if not for the 500 other items) along with another random trashcan that I have never seen standing upright, not to mention the constant newspapers you see in front of their house and the loose papers that float around their yard. Then there are the people that stack chopped wood on the curb next to their yard on the side of their houes and leave it.For months. Until they started rolling around in the street.

Really I could go on about little things that are stupid and inconsequential and big things that are eyesores and I believe genuinely take away from the attractiveness of the neighborhood, but I have NEVER seen or heard of anyone getting any sort of notice from the homeowners association and frankly, that annoys the crap out of me. I mean what are we paying them for?! Sure I bet several of their rules are pretty silly and I don’t want to have to get permission to remove trees from my yard, but I also think a lot of them really help keep the value and curb appeal of the houses up. (House nextdoor to shit-hole I described above has been for sale for months and dropped their price twice. I can’t help but think the street appeal of the nextdoor neighbors aren’t helping. Who wants to live next to pigs)?

So yeah.. I know. I need to quit whining and put my money where my mouth is, suck it up and attend a meeting already. I think I’ve finally figured out their schedule and their website is finally back up (I swear it was down like a month before we moved in until this month). And then I’ll be “That Neighbor”.. you know, the one with the stick up their butt that secretly all the neighbors hate because they ruined all the fun of not having actual rules to follow, but I really don’t care. We moved into that neighborhood because it looked like a nice place to live and I want to make sure it stays that way!

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  1. Hey… just found your site and I love it πŸ™‚ I’m from GA and plan to move to NC once I graduate next spring lol I’m linking it on my blog πŸ™‚


  2. I live in a neighborhood that doesn’t have a homeowners association. At first I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to pay a bunch of money just to have someone tell them that the mailbox they put up is using the wrong lettering or that they need to mow the lawn. On the other hand, I can see how most people believe that it helps keep the value of homes up. In one of the culdesacs in the neighborhood, there is an old lady (I would not be surprised if she owned 50 cats) who had her house painted white with pastel pink trim and shutters — before that, the house was painted the same color purple as your website.


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