When in Rome

So in order to blend with our neighbors, we’ve decided to get our “redneck” on. Note the car on the grass. (Seriously, the people to our right really do park their car on the grass on a daily basis because someday they’re getting a parking pad so they don’t mind if they kill the grass. They’re nice people and the bushes block our view so whatever. Of course, there’s a reason our car is in the yard. It’s because our garage is full of wood!

Wood that is for our new super organized space effecient closet of my dreams. Wood that needs to be painted. A lot of wood that needs to be painted. The smaller boards take 3 coats and the bigger ones came primed so I’m not sure how much paint they’ll take. And the car is in the yard, instead of the street, because it won’t fit on the driveway otherwise and Nate doesn’t want to leave cars in the street because he’s afraid it’ll get hit.

Yeah, because that’s what the closet looks like. Yeah, it’s awesome, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “When in Rome

  1. Do you guys have a homeowner’s association? I know in some neighborhoods the homeowner’s association is so anal, they’ll give you a warning if you simply park your car crooked.


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