Overheard at a Hockey Game

Last night we went to a Hurricane’s game, which was pretty fun! I’m pretty much always ready to go after the second period, but somehow we made it through the end! (I think the part where I wasn’t driving helped).

So anyways, there was a group of people behind us. People I would guess were in college. So anyways, they were full of fun comments most of the night. Loud, whiny, screaming comments. The ones that really stand out were their “puck” jokes. As in “Shut the puck up. HAHAHAHA” and “Puck you. HAHAHAHAHA.” There were also some non-puck related comments like “Think with your head not with your stick. HAHAHAHAHA” and “More like a tropical depression thana hurricane. HAHAHAHA” because seriously.. Every joke they told was funny. Hysterically funny. Funniest thing that was ever said funny, and they were NOT afraid to pat eachother on the back about it.

Good times!

Anyways, I’m doing pretty well in my Tournament groups. I’m first place in one and third in the other. My dad was supposed to fill out a bracket in the team I’m winning. He didn’t. He signed up for it and everything but his bracket is empty. I’m sure it’s because he was afraid of having his butt kicked by his daughter. He couldn’t risk the potential humiliation of losing to a woman who made her picks based solely on “gut feeling” aka “hmm, I think I’ll pick this one, and this one and this one.. and… honey, is so and so actually any good? I don’t think I’ve heard of them..”

Or maybe he just forgot.

But I’m betting it’s the humiliation thing.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

One thought on “Overheard at a Hockey Game

  1. I have a feeling you’re going to kick my butt too, since for some reason I decided it would be funny to have Duke win the championship this year. hahaha. I’m a moron.


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