Like a Monkey with a Dartboard

That’s how my mom (correctly) described my strategy when making picks for sporting events. Since my picks for college football go on season long, I do gain a little insight as the weeks go on, but for college basketball? All I have to go by is the little numbers by the team names.

I mean sure I could look up statistics and try to make informed decisions about who is going to win which games, but really? Too time consuming! I prefer to live dangerously and pick solely based on those little numbers, team names, and my attachment to the teams.

Once I’m sure I’m sticking with those choices (because we monkeys with our darts, we’re fickle and easily persuaded to change our minds) I’ll post my brackets online so you can all get a glimpse at my evil genius.


One thought on “Like a Monkey with a Dartboard

  1. I’m not sharing my brackets with anyone! Well wait, I guess you’ll see them in our Pick’em tourney, but no past us and our group. Yep, I think they’ll be that bad.


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