Sometimes I’m Almost an Idiot

Like this morning, when I almost left my purse at home when leaving for work. I was about to open my car when I realized it was missing.

And then sometimes I’m actually an idiot…

Like this morning, when I went back inside to get the purse, I left the front door cracked (since my purse was only 3 feet away on a hutch). I (wrongly) assumed that the cat (who has shown little interest in “outside”) with the psycho cat look on her face (you cat owners know what I’m talking about) would pose a threat, as she was currently scratching at the carpet on the front of the stairs (don’t tell Nate). So I grabbed my purse and when I turned around I saw her (aka psycho cat) dart out the front door (PANIC). I put all of my stuff down and crouched down to call her. She took one look at me and then ran to the end of the porch (MORE PANIC). I thought she was about to jump off and make a run for it but instead she turned around and bagged ass back into the house. I guess freedom was not all that she thought it would be!

Confiscated Dog Update: While I have seen car activity outside the house (which means I know people are home), I have not heard the dogs outside since Animal Control came by. That just means that they haven’t been back outside though.. I very rarely saw them outside at all, just heard them barking.. so pretty much I know nothing. Either they’ve been claimed and they’re just not stuck outside any more, or they haven’t been claimed and now hopefully they’ll have a chance at a good home.

Closet of my Dreams Update: Yeah.. the wood is still in my garage. Unpainted. Waiting for me to paint it. In my defense though, my dad is waiting until Nate will be home to do actual the work installing it, so my painting it wouldn’t do THAT much towards getting it put up. As long as I get it painted by this weekend. Did I mention how ridiculously excited I am about the new closet?? Very.Excited.

Strange Dream Update: (although not so much update, I can’t break the pattern!) Anyways.. last night I dreamed that I was trying to enroll in class to finish my math degree (I minored and considered going part time for a second degree, but decided against it around 4-5 years ago). All the courses on the list looked really hard and I didn’t really want to take any of them and I wasn’t sure why I was even there except I HAD to pick a class to take and I knew I would fail so it didn’t matter anyways. Stupid school.