I’m a Wild Woman

On Saturday Nate flew to Las Vegas for a “guy’s weekend” with a couple of friends, one of whom is getting married in May. This weekend while they’ve been gone I did the following:

  1. Lunch and Home Depot with my parents
  2. Shopping with the ladies at Smithfield outlets – home by 10:30
  3. Lunch, World Market, Petsmart with my parents
  4. Vacuumed and steam cleaned the downstairs carpet
  5. Assembled new desk
  6. Finished Season 6 of the X-Files
  7. Scooped dog poo in the back yard
  8. Made lunch for Monday and Tuesday

What can I say, I know how to party!

Tomorrow I predict kitchen cleaning, litterbox scooping, pet-teeth-brushing and cat combing because last week Colby turned into Mr. “I’m making up for all the hairballs I didn’t have for the last six years, in one week” and it’s been GROSS. So I got a FURmminator at Petsmart and you could seriously brush a whole pet’s worth of hair off each pet. It’s incredible!

So yeah.. while my husband is in Las Vegas gambling with our life savings, I’m hanging around the house living it up! WOOT.


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