Manic Panic

Ahh the memories. (Special thanks to Amalah for the flashback!)

(And also, wtf is this SXSW thing that people keep talking about? It’s mentioned on practically ever site I read and I still have no freakin clue what it is. Am I living under a rock or what??)

Anyways…back to my flashback..

My first encounter with Manic Panic was in highschool. I visited a shop across from NC State campus called Curious Goods where I bought a container. Some shade of purple I don’t even remember the name. I thought it was the greatest color ever.

Immediately thereafter I accidently left the container at the Cup-a-Joe next door. Obviously it was not meant to be.

Once I was a student at State I decided that I was living on my own, dammit.. My hair could be whatever color I wanted! (PS – Thanks for sending me to college mom!) And so one day with a group of friends, I bleached and colored streaks of my hair. And it was awesome. My mom thought so too (haaa).

Oddly, there aren’t too many pictures of this particular phase of my hair. Go figure.


Yeah, I know this is a TERRIBLE picture but remember, not too many pictures from this hair color.. It was the best one I could find that gives you the full affect of The Purple in all its awesomeness. Yeah. Super awesome! And I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Except for the part about that haircut because MAN my hair was short!

6 thoughts on “Manic Panic

  1. SXSW = South by South West
    It’s a film and music festival…I think they also have panel discussions. I guess it’s a mish-mash.

    Ah, Manic Panic! I had several run ins with purple and blue myself.


  2. SXSW – also a very expensive festival – I was looking to go to the music part of the festival until I found out it was over $400 to get in — and that was only if you registered 6 months in advance — otherwise it’s $600.


  3. I had no idea what the SXSW was either. I hadn’t heard of it before you mentioned it, and then I saw an article on for it. I was wondering…did the neighbors get their dogs back?


  4. Yup, South by Southwest, is best known as a Sundance Festival for music. Web/geek stuff is covered in the Interactive section. It’s a lot of fun, perhaps too much fun. Yahoo, Google, etc. provides the too much fun with free margaritas. I was on a panel last year and to this date I’m still recovering from a mighty SXSW hangover.

    It’s a great thing to have personal/mommybloggers on board at these geek fests. We contribute substantial content to the blogosphere and it should be acknowledged and respected. Amy-lah is a worthy representative and I’m stoked that she’s in the mix.

    Now, what’s better than SXSW? BlogHer of course. Please think of attending.

    Cheers to you!


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