Yeah, so yesterday was a pretty normal day.

I went to work, came home, had my neighbor’s dogs confiscated by animal control… the usual!


Long Version:

My mom came by my house around 11:30 to pick up a movie and noticed a little dog running around with no collar, so she called me to ask if I recognized it and I did. It lived two doors down from me, although over the weekend it was staying with the people directly next to me. I told her if its people weren’t home she could probably just put it in the next door neighbor’s yard so it wouldn’t get hit by a car or anything. When she got closer to their gate she saw the other little dog that lives with this one, clipped to a lead in the owner’s back yard. This dog had just pulled free of her collar and gotten loose. So she clipped the dog back up and called me back to complain about the conditions under which the dogs were kept.

So when I got home from work around four I went over to knock on their door to atleast let them know that their dog had gotten loose so maybe leaving it out back tied to a post while no one was home wasn’t their best idea ever. Only they still weren’t home. I then tried the next door neighbors and they weren’t home either.

So I went around back to look at the dogs and make sure sneaky dog was still on the lead. And she was. And it seriously made me ill. Sneaky dog and other dog were out on those metal wire things that did NOT have the soft plastic coating around it, and other dog didn’t have a collar. Instead he had the metal wire lead thing clipped to itself around his neck. It was also so tangled (and I mean like 30 foot of lead in a knot) they each only had between 2-4 feet of space to walk around. And no food, and no water, and no shade, and did I mention the METAL WIRE around other dog’s neck, and did I mention the part where the top of his little nose was red and raw? No? Pit.i.ful.

So this really got me all worked up. I mean I was livid. I went home and called animal control and explained the situation to them. I watch Animal Cops on the animal planet. People like this get tickets and get checked on and hopefully pay fines. So while on the phone with them I asked if I could water the dogs and they told me to wait until after the people came out. So I did, only when I went back after they left there was a notice on the door (which I didn’t read because I’m nosy, but not that nosy) and there were no more dogs. And I have no idea what time the people wound up getting home that night but the notice is gone and I haven’t seen the dogs, so we’ll see what happens.

I hated having to do that, but the conditions those dogs were in seriously pissed me off. Get a fence, get crates, get something but don’t leave your dogs tied out in the sun with no water on 3 foot metal wires all day long! UGH!

Now I’m just waiting to see how long before the neighborhood gossip mentions it, and hope that they don’t find out it was me and egg my house! 🙂 Because I’m just extra paranoid like that!

4 thoughts on “Confiscated

  1. That’s really disgusting. I can’t even watch Animal Cops anymore because it makes me cry and feel nauseated. I really don’t know why some people even both getting pets if they’re just going to treat them like crap.


  2. Some people just do not need to have pets. I can’t believe they treated their pups that way! I can only imagine the sweet and sad look in their eyes. I just don’t understand how people can be so mean and cruel to something so sweet.


  3. rachel

    GOOD FOR YOU. My congratulations. Admittedly, I hope they never find out it was you, but I hope i would’ve done the same thing! Way to stick up for the puppies.


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