Murphy’s Monday

Things that could (and did!) go wrong:

  1. Locked self out of office email (blaming self)
  2. Attempted to get back into email using backup password file (am genius)
  3. Locked self out of backup password file (blaming server, not self)
  4. Took 4 failed attempts to install Linux. Was missing network connection. Am Idiot.
  5. PHP on local system hosed. No clue. Copied some files back over and all is well. Again, no clue.

Home improvement projects that you will soon be tired of hearing about:

  1. Organized space effecient closet of my dreams (because man is the closet a wreck)
  2. Painting the cabinets in the kitchen (because they’re kind of funky and ratty looking. Not sure how cabinets get ratty looking, but they are!)
  3. New laminate flooring in the kitchen (to be installed AFTER the cabinets are painted, because while I’m good at painting walls, I’m also good at painting things like ceilings and floors).
  4. New countertops (also after cabinet painting, for similar reason as flooring)

So…. anyone want to have a painting party?? We can all pick a cabinet door to paint? It’ll be FUN!


Yeah, me neither. Can’t I just skip ahead to the finished product??

Anyways… that being said, I see lots of before and after pictures in your future. So everyone can marvel at my handiness and my remarkable ability to get paint in areas you didn’t even see me close to!

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