Sleeping Problems

Last night I woke up at 12:27. I know it was 12:27 because Nate told me it was 12:27. That’s how I woke up. I think.

Here’s what I remember,

Nate: It’s 12:27.
Me: *blink* Huh?
Nate: It’s 12:27.
Me: What is?? *Looking at the clock*
Nate: *Something I can’t remember*
Me: *goes back to sleep*

Then what Nate remembers…


So I don’t know if I asked him what time it was in my sleep, or if he just plain told me what time it was in his sleep, but I was confused, and he doesn’t remember.

I’m thinking that he was the one talking in his sleep and that’s why he’s the one that doesn’t remember, but who really knows!

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