Yeah. I’m boring. Sorry!

Nothing interesting to report except that the sinus infection that I had previously mentioned has gotten worse instead of better. I’m takin an antibiotic so I would imagine it will start getting better soon but I’m freakin exausted! I think I might work from home tomorrow and try and rest up some. You know.. save the energy that I would otherwise be using wearing a path to the bathroom to blow my nose. Today I felt like I spent more time in the bathroom (blowing my nose) than I did in front of my computer. I love sinus infections.

Tonight after work I had soup with Nate before he went to class and I’ve spent the rest of the evening (approx 1.5 hours) watching TV. Mostly I watched the Oscars that I DVR’d last night so I could skip the boring part. I didn’t plan for it to run over (which is always does, so shame on me!) So I taped 3 hours of the Oscars and watched them in 45 minutes. Man I’m good!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go back to laying on the couch rotting my brain in front of the TV.