High Maintenance Bitch

OMFG I just wish I thought of it first! Layne would totally fit in there.

I mean this first woman in the article must not be able to watch dog shows on TV either right? Because when they refer to a contestant as a bitch it will offend her fragile “progressive liberal” ears?

And for the guy who’s worried about walking by with a 5 yr old and having to explain it to them? How about just telling them the truth? Just that the definition of the word “bitch” is a female dog. The store sells product for female dogs.

I can see how this would upset some people. I read the shirts, and while they crack me up, they’re maybe not-so-appropriate for the kids. Just tell them it’s for girl-dogs and don’t take them in. But don’t make someone else a bad-guy because you’re afraid to tell your child that a bitch is a female dog, regardless of how other people might use the word.

Seriously, as soon as I recover from the vet-bill-shock, Layne will be the prettiest smelling bitch on the block!

Oh yeah, I meant to throw in a link for good measure!

4 thoughts on “High Maintenance Bitch

  1. This is so silly. Female dogs ARE called bitches. Things like this get so blown out of proportion. Most kids probably wouldn’t even notice or care what the name of the store was unless an adult made a big deal out of it.


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