Welcome to the New Geeky Girl!

So I just finished this design. Sort of. If by “finished” you understand that to mean “close enough” to launch.

 I’ll spare you the rundown of things that I still plan on changing (like that shade of green on the left) and things that I know are wrong (like the kitty picture in the top image is a little off) because really I could go on and on. And on and on.

I just thought it was time for a little change! Originally the left side was a shade of purple also, but as my husband pointed out, there maybe is such a thing as too much purple. Maybe.

So anyways, if anyone seems strange or broken, let me know! Because seriously, there are plenty of things I plan on changing but if something is actually broken I’m probably too busy obsessing over the little things to notice.

PS – the dog vet trip went well. Both of my dogs are pictures of health and Gouda is actually now within (at the top of) his target weight range. YAY! Unfortunately both dogs will probably need dental cleanings sometime in the next 6-12 months. Bye bye, monies! It was nice knowing you!

8 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Geeky Girl!

  1. I totally agree with Traci…there is no such thing as too much purple!! I’m really liking this new look. I like the green, but if you’re going to change it I’ll try not to get too attached. But I think it looks excellent with the purple!


  2. Lisa

    I think it looks GREAT!!! I didn’t think it was too much purple either. I’ll be interested to see what you do on the green part! I like the top banner & the banner thingy under Flicr..totally cool!


  3. Tarheel

    You gloated when State eeked out a W against Carolina, where’s the post about them getting absolutely crushed by Carolina last night? Go Carolina, go to hell State!


  4. Ha! Yes, Dave, I think that counts!

    I didn’t plan on changing the green much, just maybe lighten it up some. I don’t know though, it’s kind of growing on me!

    Tarheel – Of course I gloated! I think losing to a highly ranked team is a lot less embarassing than being the number 3 team losing to an unranked team. But that’s just me. 😉


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