Random Rundown

1. Today was the first day I tried to put the stuff on Tili’s teeth to keep her dental seal sealed. It did not go well. The applicator looks like a very long eyeshadow brush and you dip it into a waxy looking substance and then rub it on the cat’s teeth. Right. I was told I could put it on food too, so I’ll give that way a shot. Tili has never met a kibble she didn’t like.

2. I suck at crocheting. Suck. Bad. I can make one row, and then I can’t see the stitches well enough to go back down the other way. Maybe I can knit her a blanket instead.

3. I have INSURANCE! Long story short, at the start of the year my company migrated to a new HR system and it was all downhill from there. Until Jan 19 they had no record of me having signed up for insurance. After 4 phone calls they found I had signed up after all. Then I found out it would take up to 5 weeks for it to show up in the system and it almost did. So now I have insurance and I get to manually back-file 4 prescriptions. Yay!

4. I got my emailed shipping notification today from Fossil saying the watches that I ordered Nate for Valentine’s day had shipped. Right. Good to know since they were delivered last Wed!

5. Did I mention I like lists??

6. I saw Flags of our Fathers and the Departed. I really liked both! Last weekend I saw Jarhead and wasn’t especially impressed. So unimpressed, in fact, that I didn’t make it through the last 20 minutes, but Nate assured me I didn’t miss anything. Anyways, Flags of our Fathers really makes me want to rewatch Band of Brothers.

7. It’s 7:53 and I’m totally ready for bed. Nate has to be at work at 6 tomorrow so we’re setting the alarm for some ungodly hour that I don’t even want to think about. I see lots of Starbucks in my future.

8. The dogs have their yearly vet trip tomorrow. I’m sure it’ll be very exciting, taking both dogs to the vet at the same time, because I definitely haven’t given them enough money this month.

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