I Do Not Recommend Bonine

I’ve been feeling really congested lately. It seems like I’ve had some congestion, mild to moderate for what seems like months now. Normally it builds, turns into a sinus infection, and is treated with antibiotics but this time it’s like it refuses to grow, it would rather wallow and be generally annoying.

So anyways the congestion is wreaking havoc with my vertigo. Mostly it’s ok, just some mornings and evenings are not great. So I was at the drug store last week and caved and decided insurance be damned (story for another time) I was going to get the prescription for anti-vert filled. So I took it to the pharmacist and she told me that it was available over the counter as “Bonine” and MAN did that stuff knock me on my ass.

Saturday night I was feeling some vertigo, probably around 8-8:15 so I decided to try the meds. First of all, they’re chewable and do NOT taste like strawberries. Eww. Second of all, I was asleep be 9. I don’t mean I was a little drowsy, I mean I was dead to the world sleeping. I woke up a few times between 9 and 10:30 and I remember feeling heavy. Nate said hi to me every time I opened my eyes, but I felt like I couldn’t get up I was out. Finaly at 10:30 Nate went to let the dogs out and I took that as a cue to go to bed, so I got up, went upstairs and was again, out. I slept straight through until 6am, woke up once and was out again til around 9am.

It was advertised as “less drowsy than dramamine” and maybe it’s been a while since I’ve taken regular dramamine, but I don’t remember it affecting me quite so badly before.

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