Yes this is a Cat Blog, Do You have a Problem with that?!

This is Tili after her dental work today. Apparently when she’s drugged out of her mind she forgets she hates the dogs.

Everything went well and her bad tooth was extracted. She was still VERY drugged when I picked her up today and spent most of the afternoon wobbling around the room and trying not to fall over as she rubbed up against the dogs. Needless to say, Layne was in heaven.

I’m just glad my baby girl is OK!

4 thoughts on “Yes this is a Cat Blog, Do You have a Problem with that?!

  1. kimmykins13

    I just had to take my cat Zoe in for dental work last week. You are lucky your cat only had one extraction. Zoe had to have 3 including one chewing tooth. Her mouth was ROTTEN and I didn’t even know it until I saw her having trouble eating on one side. She’s been on antibiotics and pain meds that I have to mix in with yucky wet food. She is used to kibble but seems to like the wet so I may give her a dab from now on as a treat. She’s back to normal now but was really out of it for a couple of days. Cost me an arm and a leg too!!! I spent $418 and some change on that mouth – But she is totally worth it!
    Hope your cat is back to normal. What a cute pic!


  2. Yeah, I’m sure if Layne could she’d get it printed out poster-size for her crate so she can look at it every day. Those were the best 3 hours of her life!

    Kimmy – that sounds about right! I got some extra dental sealant thingie done so now I get to reapply some stuff every week to keep the seal. I figured this was safer than the possibility of having to shell out on a regular basis for the major dental work. I also do the tooth brushing (sort of) and dental treats. For a while I think I’ll kind of be obsessed because MAN that was a lot of money for cat teeth!


  3. rachel

    that sounds like denta vet (or something like that, maybe orthavet?) that they wanted me to do to my dog. Its apparently very effective, I wouldnt know, I only lasted a month.


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