I Worry. It’s What I Do.

Seriously, I worry about everything. All the time. I can’t turn it off and I’m not even sure that I’d want to. I mean if I don’t worry, who will?! Someone has to do it, right? RIGHT??

So anyways, case and point…

Over the weekend Nate was working in Wilmington and I was trying to figure out what to get him for Valentine’s Day. Finally I had what I decided was a great idea, I picked it out and decided I would pick it up in the store on Sunday. I would make a trip to the mall and it would be great.

Then on Sunday I started thinking maybe I would just order it online. The store was offering free over night shipping and I love ordering things online. Plus, what if I went to the mall and they didn’t have it? Then I’d just have to order it online anyways. So it would be perfect. I’d order it Sunday, it would ship on Monday, arrive on Tuesday and I could totally pretend I didn’t wait for the last minute to get him a present.

So on Sunday I got the email confirmation saying my order was received and YAY because really? I love shopping online. Maybe even more than shopping in person, but that’s beside the point.

So anyways, on Monday I waited, expecting the shipping confirmation email, and nothing. Hell, BestBuy had already sent me the shipping confirmation for those X-Files DVDs I ordered 5 minutes after I ordered Nate’s present (please, people, don’t let me near the Internets with my credit cards), and it had already shipped.

So today I’m sitting at work waiting to get the shipping confirmation email since overnight shipping implied it should be delivered today, only I still didn’t get one. Then I logged onto the website to check my account and according to my order history I had placed no orders.

Insert worry here.

So then of course my brain starts working overtime and I’m all like “what if my order got lost and isn’t shipping and won’t get there by Wed and blah blah blah” only I didn’t want to call the help number because I sit in a cube at work and I didn’t want my coworkers to think I was weird.


So bascially by the end of the day I had convinced myself that the package was not being mailed, I wasn’t going to get it, they charged my credit card but my order didn’t exist ‘s and OH MY GOD it’s the end of the freakin world and would Meg want to go to the mall with me so I could look for a backup gift??

Yeah, so long story.. uh.. long.. I got home, called the place and they said my order will be here tomorrow and is being delivered by UPS. Cue panic. Fortunately I was assured the package did not require a signature and luckily Nate is taking tomorrow off so he will be home asside from some errand-running he has planned.

Nothing to worry about.. Right???