Six Weird Things About Me

1. I can quote all the words to the movie the Labyrinth. Meg and I rented that movie so often when we were little that our mom eventually refused to let us rent it again. I still love that movie.

2. I sing. A lot. To my pets. Mostly I sing old songs and change the words slightly to involve whichever pet I’m closest to. They don’t seem to mind either way but I’m pretty sure Nate finds it atleast midly amusing.

3. I listen to VERY LOUD disco while I clean the house. Nothing like a little YMCA to make dusting fun! Umm yeah.. but I tell myself there must be some aerobic benefit from dancing while cleaning.

4. I am afraid of fish. Terrified. I can trace this fear back to maybe the sixth grade while I was watching my friend’s family’s pets while they were out of town. They had angel fish that would, on occasion, develop a strange fungus over their eyes and die. They also all bobbed at the top when they were fed, their little mouths coming up out of the water. *shiver* One day while I was over there feeding the fish, one of them jumped out of the tank onto the floor and started flopping around. I made (or paid, it could go either way) Meg to scoop the fish  up and put it back in the water. Fish are gross and they really freak me out.

5. I have issues with food. Strange issues like not being able to eat meat off the bone. It makes me feel ill, literally, I can’t take it. I also can’t eat some foods because of texture. Sometimes I can get down a whole apple or banana, which I enjoy, but sometimes I have to throw them out before they’re done because I just can’t take it. My mom is reading this now and wondering where she went wrong.

6. I haven’t seen my natural hair color since I was 15. Maybe that’s not all that weird, but since I was 15 I’ve had red hair, black hair, blonde hair, brown hair, blonde hair, red hair, and now we’re back to dark brown. Every now and then my roots get long enough that I can sort of picture what I’d look like if I ever let my natural color grow out. I will never let my natural color grow out.

And now I figure if Amalah can tag all of her readers, dammit, so can I! All 3 of you! Now go tell me weird things about yourself to make me feel better. If you don’t have a blog (and you know who you are!) feel free to leave some weirdness in my comments!

I won’t judge.


5 thoughts on “Six Weird Things About Me

  1. David has textural issues with food also. Like beans. He says he cannot stand the way they feel in his mouth. Also, I know someone who doesn’t like to eat meat off the bone either. She said it chills her. So don’t worry, you’re a freak amongst other freaks (hehe jk!).


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  3. rachel

    Todd has many many weird things about food and texture. There are anumber of things he won’t eat at all (Tomatoes are devil fruit), and several things he will eat sometimes, it just depends (like brocolli, sometime fresh, hardly ever frozen, needs to be “covered in something”). What it depends on, I don’t know. He says “It’s a texutre thing” and “it make me gag.”


  4. Oddly enough I can eat most seafoods, although I’m still not a big fan of fish and I can easily talk myself out of pretty much anything if I think too hard about it. Seriously, for all of my food weirdness (and there is plenty, just ask my family) I love some seafood. I totally get the gagging thing though. Once I find one weird thing in my food I just can’t finish. It all makes me ill.


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