This is my Cat on Drugs

This morning I had to drug Tili to take her to the vet to get bloodwork done in preparation for the dental work I’ve been putting off for several months now.

Originally I thought (hoped) with all the dental treats and tooth brushing and stuff I’d come in and they’d say her teeth were doing better. They were not. The status of her back teeth remained the same and one of her front teeth has to be extracted.

I’m a bad mommy!

So I made her an appointment for Wed. I have to drop her off before work and she should be ready to go when I get done at work. It’s going to be expensive but since it’s dental month at the vet there’s a small discount at the vet, and I’m going to submit this to her kitty insurance company and see how much they’ll cover. I’ve read the paperwork over but I still can’t tell which parts of her procedure they’ll cover. Hopefully the vet will be familiar with it!

So anyways, this is Tili on a sedative. Her little inner eyelid things are working over time and she can’t decide where she wants to be. Layne is practically glued to Tili’s butt, she can’t believe her luck that the cat has slowed down and isn’t hiding from her.

So let this be a lesson. If the vet tells you that your cat needs dental work, they’re not kidding!

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